Ayahuasca-1600x1600Hailing from Detroit, Michigan; Star Dancer is the musical brainchild of Detroit native songwriter & vocalist Robert Star. Robert recruited Sponge mainmen Vinnie Dombroski & Tim Patalan to help bring together his spiritual & musical vision. Recorded during the summer of 2015, “Welcome To My World” was produced by Dombroski & Patalan, with a handful of tracks mixed by Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, Robert Plant, David Bowie) and later mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Studios, home to legendary engineer Bob Ludwig (KISS, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones).

Boasting a style caught between the bombastic riffs of Guns & Roses, the grit of early late 80’s circa Ministry, and the lyrical style & prowess of classic Stone Temple Pilots; Star Dancer is a must for fans of classic hard rock. Lyrically, “Welcome To My World” was created for the purposes of tapping into the light & community of rock music, and exploring the world through Robert’s unique lens. Coming from a Native American background, Robert ventured to the heart of Peru eleven years ago during a difficult time with the goal of reconnecting with his roots. Following a number of trips to the Peruvian jungle Robert had a spiritual awakening brought about by the Ayahuasca drink, and later returned to the US with a view of creating a beautiful piece of work inspired by the things he experienced both in the Jungle and at home. The album is a snapshot into both the world surrounding Robert & a troubled modern day America, an example being the Tim Palmer mixed ‘Great Sexpectations’, which explores the odd relationship we now have with love & sex.

Robert has enlisted the help of seasoned touring musicians from the Detroit area to help him bring his vision to the live arena with the goal of bringing the music to the ends of Earth and spread the good word of love, compassion and unity.
If you’re a fan of huge guitars, massive choruses and emotive music; you need Star Dancer in your life.

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“Star Dancer is a one of a kind modern rock-and-roll project fusing spirituality, consciousness, shamanism, plant medicines, holistic healing and indigenous cultures together with some serious killer rock riffs and descriptive lyrics to help heal our earth.” – Relix Magazine

“The beauty of Welcome to My World is that it at once feels incredibly familiar, yet each track is new. Almost every songs reminds you of the style of another artist (or three) without sounding like one of their songs.”
Mosh – Moshville Times

“A vitamin pill of uplifting, joyful music, where the hardest songs stands out as the ones shining brightest with life, vitality and positivity.”
OLAV MARTIN BJØRNSEN / MARCH 2, 2016 / – House Of Prog

“Not only carrier of cowboy boots and teased hair should promptly venture a little dance with STAR DANCER. Very hot.”
Michael Haifl – Streetclip TV Magazine